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H&S Competency  
Recently I challenged one of our contractors for poor safety. When I asked to speak to their H&S officer to understand why they had not decided to add
by eddscott
0 5 weeks ago
by eddscott
Handrails on scaffolding  
Help on this one. I have always been of the belief that handrails on scaffolding are 470 for the intermediate and 950 for the top rail. So my guys are
by Chris Turner
6 5 weeks ago
by Chris Turner
current Health and Safety Executive top ten safety risks  
I'm doing my site carpentry NVQ level 2 and I need to know what the current Health and Safety Executive top ten safety risks, can anyone send me a lin
by Damian Vigus
1 6 weeks ago
by peter gotch
Hello everyone. I need the list of countries in which the application of PSM is a law!!!!
by FarhadSA
0 6 weeks ago
by FarhadSA
Engineer/ Construction Survey  
Hi all, I'm a student at Loughborough Uni in my final year studying Quantity Surveying. I'm there doing a dissertation with the title "Understanding
by lboro
0 6 weeks ago
by lboro
CDM 2015 Study - Northumbria University  
Hi all, I am currently a final year student at Northumbria University and in the process of completing my dissertation. My chosen topic is the CDM 201
by Jack Harris
0 7 weeks ago
by Jack Harris
Improving Safety Training through Personality  
Hi all, Ever wondered, can personality predict an individual's work performance? What about using knowledge of personality to improve safety training
by Cameron MacKenzie
0 7 weeks ago
by Cameron MacKenzie
Working under the middle scaffold rail to fix cappings on a roof  
Can someone please advise if there any restrictions on working underneath / through scaffold rails to fix capping's? Would this be down to a risk ass
by Chris Turner
22 7 weeks ago
by George
Site Inductions  
Hi all. I don't seem to get a great deal of response from posting on this site but I thought id try one more for feedback. we are a PC, who gets a ran
by MB
3 7 weeks ago
by Liz Bennett
High level garden areas  
If a property developer designs and builds a housing estate, and within the design there were several high level garden areas, that were supported by
by Barry
5 8 weeks ago
by RMD
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