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Site Safety This Winter  
Morning everyone, Just wanted to check in and see what plans where for site safety as the weather has started to get colder. Sourcing rock salt is al
by silbchris
1 2 months ago
by Sadie West
Health and saftey  
Hi My company is due to start a job in 2 months. We already made the arrangements on site (site welfare, security, 1st aid kit) The only problem I ha
by JohnJohn11
2 2 months ago
by Clare
Asbestos exposure. Report to RIDDOR?  
Hi all I was exposed to Asbestos 2 weeks ago. Doing refurbishment for a company and the wrong asbestos survey had been done. I took a wall down in a
by AS we were thanks
7 2 months ago
by Neil Belson
What is the Standar of lifeline breaking strength (horizontal/vertical) in UK or Europe?  
The standard of the lifeline in OSHA has clear legislation that the lifeline strength must be great than 5000 pounds. However, i can find the standar
by Susan Lin
2 2 months ago
by Heidi Gibbens
HSE Connect 2019 Accident Frequency Rates  
Hi went to the HSE connect this year and they were talking about trade specific Accident Frequency rates being released to allow us to measure the sub
by tinny123
2 2 months ago
by David C
Cladding issue - leaseholders advice  
Dear all, I'm just contacting you aiming to get professional advice regarding the following issue. I am a leaseholder who lives in a block of flats
by Lil82
7 3 months ago
by Lil82
Construction - PPE; cut tendon  
TLDR: Snapped drill bit, finger hit surrounding area / drill bit as a result. 100% Tendon damage to flexor middle finger - right hand. Gloves used we
by BobbyS
4 3 months ago
by Allan
CDM why wasn't an audit responsibility in the regs  
I was thinking about CDM in all its formats - from 1995 to the present day. One omission that seems glaringly obvious is that there has never been an
by Bill Sowerbutts
2 3 months ago
by Liz Bennett
Wearing a hard hat on a roof.  
Hi there It has been brought up whilst on site numerous times, and no one is able to agree or give a straight answer. Is there health and safety leg
by prothos
15 3 months ago
by peter gotch
Servicing/Testing in Purpose built flats  
Hi all, I am trying to find information regarding all testing/servicing requirements in purpose built flats. So far I have found legislation regardi
by gbravington1994
1 3 months ago
by Tim D
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