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RE: Large Company Approaches to CDM  
Bill This was a regular experience once, but I tend to avoid getting into this position these days. Only the other day I was offered an appointment...
by Geraint Thomas
1 9 years ago
by Bill Sowerbutts
Site Inspections  
I'm hoping for some advice: Our practice is interested in carrying out construction site inspections and was hoping somebody could advise on what...
by LJD
12 9 years ago
by Bill Sowerbutts
Accident Frequency Rates  
Hi, can anyone tell me if the following formulas are correct? if not where can i find the correct information. LTI Rate=Fatal, Major and Over 3 Days...
1 9 years ago
by Juan Carlos Arias
Provision of PPE for end users  
Can anyone answer my query at to whether it is the contrctaors responsibility to provide the end user with harnesses and lanyards for use on an...
by simbang
2 9 years ago
by Barry Oakley
H&S File - on completion  
Something that should be considered is that the file should relate to the future use of the building. It would therefore be appropriate to include...
by Alasdair Gillies
15 9 years ago
by Geraint Thomas
PAT Testing  
I have been tasked to clarify whether or not our company can conduct their own PAT Testing. I have been doing it for the past year now and checked...
by Andrew Long
8 9 years ago
by Lol Prins
Designers inductions  
Admittedly not all designers are fully engaged or fully appreciate the difficulty of compliance with the ill defined requirements of the Regulations,...
by Andy Allan (structural Engineer, designer)
8 9 years ago
by Derek Bishop
Fall Arrest Lanyards / restraint lanyards  
Please can someone provide advice regarding best fall arrest lanyards or restraint lanyards when using MEWPS. I seem to be getting conflicting...
by Rob Hobson
2 9 years ago
by James
The reporting of dangerous occurrences/ near misses  
Should the Principal Contractor report dangerous occurrences/ near misses to the CDM-C or Client. In the CDM Regs Im unable to find anything that...
by Iain Morrison
9 9 years ago
by Iain Morrison
Welfare facilities  
Good Morning Everyone I am currently setting up a small site, where we are resticted in space. I have managed to built a welfare area that does not...
by Barry Oakley
6 9 years ago
by Tony Phipps
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