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Designers inductions  
Admittedly not all designers are fully engaged or fully appreciate the difficulty of compliance with the ill defined requirements of the Regulations,...
by Andy Allan (structural Engineer, designer)
8 11 years ago
by Derek Bishop
Fall Arrest Lanyards / restraint lanyards  
Please can someone provide advice regarding best fall arrest lanyards or restraint lanyards when using MEWPS. I seem to be getting conflicting...
by Rob Hobson
2 11 years ago
by James
The reporting of dangerous occurrences/ near misses  
Should the Principal Contractor report dangerous occurrences/ near misses to the CDM-C or Client. In the CDM Regs Im unable to find anything that...
by Iain Morrison
9 11 years ago
by Iain Morrison
Welfare facilities  
Good Morning Everyone I am currently setting up a small site, where we are resticted in space. I have managed to built a welfare area that does not...
by Barry Oakley
6 11 years ago
by Tony Phipps
Utility as a designated Designer  
I seek clarification on a point of notification to the HSE (via the F10) as to who the Designers of a scheme are. Before I describe the scenario, I...
by Rick Fowler
3 11 years ago
by James
Fw: RE: Safe Access for Working at Height  
As a designer I feel the idea of fencing round every flat roof is a bit like that of fencing all canals and cliffs and railway platforms! By the same...
by Graham Thorpe
2 11 years ago
by Chris Cooter
Situation: A contractor is saying that a refurb project falling under CDM regs does not require a Type 3 Survey because it is not 'major refurb' nor...
by Tony
6 11 years ago
by bob.youel
Designers Need Project Safety Induction by CDM-C at Concept Stage  
It is my view that most design professionals require an 'induction' at commencement of every new project. I feel this 'induction' should be undertaken...
by paul clark
7 11 years ago
by Bill Sowerbutts
Dear all, Apologies for repeating previous discussion. "Not 'Competence' again", I hear you say. But I personally don't always delve in depth into ALL...
by Obelix
16 11 years ago
by Iain Morrison
Stats information - Electricity GS6, National Grid etc  
General consensus of opinion please!!! I have regular disagreements with a contractor about who does the consulting with the stat companies when there...
by The Spudman
4 11 years ago
by David
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