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Changes to the SAPO licensing regime

Following a review of the current arrangements for the SAPO licensing and inspection by HSE, Defra and the Devolved Governments, steps are underway to implement revised arrangements that will deliver many of the recommendations of the 2008 Callaghan Review, as well as current Government policy objectives (e.g. Red Tape Challenge, Better Regulation Executive guidelines), without the need for legislative change. The proposal will involve transfer of licensing responsibilities to HSE resulting in a single regulator for contained use of biological agents. This will be supplemented by an online portal and revised containment guidance, which will be more closely aligned with other containment regimes (ie GMO and COSHH). Working with a core stakeholder group, a key aspect of the proposal is to make the SAPO licence conditions risk based and goal setting. Further information on the changes and revised guidance will be posted on the community when available.