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Revision of the SACGM Compendium of Guidance

Changes to Part 3 the Compendium

Part 3 of the SACGM Compendium of Guidance provides advice on the application of containment and control measures for genetically modified micro-organisms. The drafted guidance will replace sections 3.1, 3.2 and 3.4 of the current Compendium of guidance. Whilst the purpose of Part 3 remains the same (ie applying the requirements of Table 1a and Table 1c of GMO(CU)) the structure has been revised to remove repetition and improve the flow of the document. It now lists each separate containment measure with the appropriate guidance following.

The following sections in Part 3 of the current Compendium will be removed:

o   Sections 3.5 Inactivation, 3.6 Fumigation and 3.7 Microbiological safety cabinets: Information on these topics can be found in other current and planned HSE guidance publications;

o   3.8 Containment and control measures for work with DNA encoding oncogenic sequences: This topic will be considered during the revision of Part 2 of the Compendium.  

Feedback on the revised version of Part 3 of the Compendium is welcomed. A form has been provided for your feedback. Please complete this and return it to by Monday 2 May 2016.