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Revision of ACDP Microbiological Containment Guidance

The new guidelines "Management and operation of microbiological containment laboratories" will replace ACDP's 2001 publication "The management, design and operation of microbiological containment laboratories" and the 2005 publication "Biological agents: Managing the risks in laboratories and healthcare premises" except Part 2 "Working in Healthcare" which will remain as a standalone document. This new publication is intended to provide the benchmark for laboratory work at containments levels 2 and 3 including relevant links to requirements of Specified Animal Pathogens Order(s) and Genetically Modified Organisms (Contained Use) Regulations. It is envisaged that in future this "core document" will be supplemented by electronically linked topic-specific guidance. Consultation on the revised guidance will be for six weeks. Please could you complete the proforma with your feedback and submit to by the 17 June 2016.