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Pesticides Forum Archive

All historical content on these archive pages is stored in the UK Government Web Archive.


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Archived website 

Pesticides Forum Home page (as at 5 January 2015)

Meeting Papers

1996 - 2014 (archived)

Meeting Presentations

2008 - 2014 (archived)


1996 - 2014 (archived) 

Annual Reports

Annual and Indicators Reports 1998 - 2013 (archived) 

Prior to 2004 and following 2007, information on indicators is included in the annual report.

Indicators Reports 2004 - 2007 (archived)

In the years between 2004 and 2007, the Pesticides Forum produced a separate annual 'Report of Indicators reflecting the Impacts of Pesticide Use'.

Report of the Pesticides Forum Outcome and Indicators Sub-Group 2001 (archived) 

The Indicators sub-group was set up by the Pesticides Forum in 2000 to recommend a range of indicators that could be developed to reflect the success or otherwise of the Forum in achieving its aim of promoting responsible pesticide use. The sub-group published its report  in 2001 in which it made more than 60 recommendations.

Data from Annual Reports as powerpoint presentations

2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (archived)  

Starting with the 2009 annual report, the raw data behind many of the charts in the annual reports was published in a supplementary powerpoint presentation on the 'Downloads, Links and Resources' page.  Note: these ppt or pptx format files range from 3-5MB in size and may take time to open. 


2011 Review of Stakeholder Engagement for the Pesticides National Action Plan

The launch of the UK Pesticides Strategy in 2006 included the formation of several stakeholder 'action plan groups' to take forward aspects of the strategy. In 2011, a review of these action plan groups was carried out. It took into account a number of developments since 2006, and particularly the requirements of the EU Directive on the sustainable use of pesticides.

20 December 2011: The outcome of the review

A letter from CRD to Pesticides Forum members and Pesticides Strategy Action Plan Group members explains the results of the review, and the structure for the new model to help deliver and implement the pesticides National Action Plan. The Pesticides Forum will remain the principal stakeholder engagement group for this work. Link to copy of the full letter (pdf, 4 pages) 

Letters from the Chairman

22 March 2011: Letter to Minister on the Sustaonable Use Directive and the implementation of training

Following discussion at the Pesticides Forum meeting on 16 February 2011 about the implementation of the Sustainable Use Directive, the Chairman of the Pesticides Forum (James Clarke) agreed to write to Defra Ministers expressing members concern about the removal of the requirement for sprayer operator certification.

Link to copy of the full letter (pdf, 3 pages)       Minister's response (pdf, 2 pages)

23 June 2008: Pesticides Forum letter to the European Commission 

The Forum asks for an EU Impact Assessment on hazard criteria for new Pesticides Regulation.

Link to copy of the letter (pdf, 3 pages)


Other links

9 October 2003: Summary of Pesticides Forum discussions on draft outline of National Pesticides Strategy 

BCPC 2003: Resistance Forum report

19 March 2001: Note of the Dimethoate Stakeholders Forum

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