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Annual Report 2016

Pesticides Forum Annual Report 2016

'Pesticides in the UK: The 2016 report on the impacts and sustainable use of pesticides' is available to download as an interactive  PDF  (2.5MB file, 42 pages).

The Report combines the Forum’s annual and indicators reports. It outlines progress made with activities promoting the sustainable use of pesticides, and identifies issues needing further monitoring or work. Data and charts illustrating progress and trends in many of the indicators are this year included in the Report, rather than published in a separate PowerPoint presentation.

This Report also gives an overview of the range of subjects covered by the work of the Pesticides Forum in 2016. Its structure reflects the format of the EU Directive on the sustainable use of pesticides (2009/128/EC).

The indicators in this Report suggest that pesticides are being used in an increasingly sustainable fashion as a result of Government, industry and other bodies working collaboratively. New legal requirements have resulted in a large increase in the number of pesticide users holding formal qualifications demonstrating that they have knowledge in the safe use of these chemicals. Increasing numbers of users are participating in continuing professional development schemes, demonstrating commitment to keeping their knowledge and expertise up to date. They are supported by professional and well-trained distribution and advisory industries. The users, distributors and advisors are in turn assisted by organisations such as the Voluntary Initiative and Amenity Forum which provide practical and clear guidance on how to best use pesticides. Farm Assurance Schemes and the Amenity Assured Standard provide a framework within which the guidance can be applied.

The new legal requirements also created a requirement for pesticide application equipment to be tested on a regular basis. The data in this Report suggest that the impact of this requirement had been relatively modest, reflecting the fact that industry-led approaches have been successful in embedding such practice within agricultural and horticultural practice.

There are areas for improvement or where better data/information can inform our understanding of how pesticides are being used and the impact they are having. Key needs include: reducing pesticide pollution of water to ensure the UK is not at risk of failing to meet its obligations under EU legislation; improving practice within the amenity sector (though it is important to note, in this context, the significant progress which has been made by the Amenity Forum in raising awareness of the principles of sustainable use); and promoting integrated approaches (while recognising the importance of identifying practical measures).

We would, ideally, like certainty that the data/information on: the impacts of pesticides on human health is as robust as possible (we know that this is an issue which has been considered by the UK Expert Committee on Pesticides and is being reviewed by the Government); and how to assess the uptake and impact of integrated approaches (which an OECD Working Group is currently considering). We recognise that there are likely to be significant resource implications associated with generating the necessary data/information and that all organisations have a responsibility to apportion funding appropriately and proportionately.

This report is relevant to anyone with an interest in both the impacts and sustainable use of plant protection products.

It is published in electronic format only, though it is of sufficient quality for you to print out a copy if you wish.

You will need Adobe pdf reader to view this PDF report. Click here if you need to install Adobe Reader.


Charts and data

All the data, charts and graphics related to the Pesticides Forum Annual Report 2016 are included in Annex 1 of the annual report. 


Past Annual Reports (1996-2015) and raw data presentations

Each Annual Report records the various activities undertaken by members and summarise topics the Forum considered during the year. They also include a full update of indicators adopted by the Forum to reflect the progress made in encouraging farmers and growers to minimise their use of pesticides.

In the years between 2004 and 2007, a separate Indicators Report was produced.

Between 2009 and 2015, separate PowerPoint presentations containing data, charts and graphics were published to support the annual reports.