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Forum Meetings

The Pesticides Forum meets twice a year, in spring and autumn.  Most meetings take place in York.   

Click the links below to see papers, presentations and minutes from Forum meetings from 2015 onwards.     

 Minutes of Meetings      
    Year                                   Meeting date                    Meeting Number  


    2018   2 October 2018    63   Draft minutes
    24 April 2018   62  
    2017   17 October 2017   61  
      25 April 2017   60  
    2016   18 October 2016   59  
  12 April 2016   58   
    2015   20 October 2015   57    
    June 2015   56     Meeting Cancelled
    10 February 2015   55  
    2014   October 2014    54     Meeting Cancelled


Recent Papers
Number of paper   Title Meeting Date  
PF204  PF204 Pesticides User Habits Survey Report (Information paper) Information paper (pdf, 2 pages) 2 October 2018
PF203  PF203 Amenity Pesticide Usage Report 2016 (pdf, 2 pages) 2 October 2018
PF202  PF202 Harmonised Risk Indicators (pdf, 3 pages) 2 October 2018
PF201  PF201 Pesticides Forum Terms of Reference, Aims and Objectives  (pdf, 2 pages) 2 October 2018
PF200 PF 200 HSE review of environmental risk mitigation measures (buffer zones and other measures).   Discussion paper (pdf, 6 pages) June 2018 (by correspondence)
PF199 PF199 UK National Action Plan Sustainable Use of Pesticides Review (pdf, 4 pages) 24 April 2018
PF198 PF198 annual report future format - draft for discussion (pdf, 13 pages) 18 October 2016
PF197 PF197 Pesticides in water - Scotland (pdf, 2 pages) 18 October 2016
PF196 PF196 List of Pesticides Forum members - 18 Oct 2016  (pdf, 2 pages) 18 October 2016
PF195 PF195 Review of the Pesticides Forum  (pdf, 6 pages) 12 April 2016
PF194 PF194 Crop Protection Association Garden Group Training (pdf, 2 pages) 12 April 2016
PF193 PF193 Agricology - Sustainable Practical Farming - Information paper (pdf, 2 pages)  12 April 2016
PF192 PF192 Amenity Forum update (pdf, 4 pages) 12 April 2016
PF191 PF191 Defra Water Quality’s update on pesticides and water quality (pdf, 1 page) 10 February 2015
PF190 PF190 AEA’s proposed revision to the reduced volume section of the Code of Practice (pdf, 2 pages) 10 February 2015
PF189 PF189 AEA position paper on ‘Reduced Volume’ applications (pdf, 4 pages) 10 February 2015                 
Full index of older papers by year (1996-2014)


Presentations* * Listed below are the presentations made at the most recent Forum meeting(s). If you would like to use aspects of any of the items below, please contact the authors directly to seek their agreement.

For help to obtain these contact details, please email the Pesticides Forum Secretariat at

Meeting date Title Presenter
 2 October 2018    
  Amenity Forum update (pdf, 18 pages) Professor John Moverley
  Pesticides Forum Chair's Introduction (pdf, 9 pages) Professor John Moverley
24 April 2018    
  Amenity Forum update (pdf, 12 pages)  Ruth Mann
  Voluntary Initiative update (pdf, 17 pages)  Nigel Chadwick
  Environment Agency presentation (pdf, 9 pages)  Mark Sinton
  City and Guilds training update (pdf, 7 pages)  Robin Jackson
  Lantra training update (pdf, 8 pages)  David Fisher
17 October 2017    
  Voluntary Initiative update (pdf, 9 pages) Richard Butler
  Amenity Forum update (pdf, 26 pages) Professor John Moverley
  'Developing a strategic approach to tackle risks from harmful chemicals in water' - Environment Agency presentation (pdf, 15 pages) Nick Cartwright
  National Sprayer Testing Scheme (NSTS) update (pdf, 19 pages) Ian Forman
  Introduction to the work of the NAAC (pdf, 12 pages) Duncan Russell
25 April 2017    
  Amenity sector update: The Amenity Forum: Past Present and Future (pdf, 23 pages) Ruth Mann
  Agricultural sector update: The Voluntary Initiative (pdf, 20 pages) Rebecca Lamb
  The work of the James Hutton Institute on Integrated Pest Management - presentation (pdf, 32 pages) Professor Nick  Birch
  Training and certification - BASIS update (pdf, 17 pages) Stephen Jacob
  Training and certification - City & Guilds update (pdf, 9 pages) Robin Jackson
  Training and certification - CPA Garden update on Garden Care PPP training (pdf, 5 pages) Beth Cannell
  Training and certification - Lantra Awards Pest and Weed Management (pdf, 7 pages) David Fisher
18 October 2016    
  IBMA (International Biocontrol Manufacturers' Association) presentation  (pdf, 13 pages) Paul Sopp
  'An introduction to the Water Industry, Thames Water and Water UK' (pdf, 19 pages) Dinah Hillier
  'Reducing pesticide pollution'  - a Defra Water Quality update              (pdf, 7 pages) Matthew Hampshire
  Voluntary Initiative update  (pdf, 16 pages) Richard Butler
  Amenity sector update : The Amenity Forum's activities  (pdf, 20 pages) Professor John Moverley
12 April 2016    
  Training and certification - current issues and challenges: Introduction (pdf, 6 pages) Grant Stark
  Training and certification - current issues and challenges:                BASIS presentation (pdf, 12 pages) Stephen Jacob
  Training and certification - current issues and challenges:  Lantra presentation (pdf, 6 pages) David Fisher
  Training and certification - current issues and challenges:                 Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) presentation (pdf, 15 pages) Richard Burton
  Voluntary Initiative update and introducing the 'Bee Connected' initiative (pdf, 16 pages) Rebecca Lamb
 20 October 2015    
   Amenity sector update part 1
Professor John Moverley
Ruth Mann
Professor John Moverley

 Voluntary Initiative update (pdf, 17 pages)

Richard Butler/
Rebecca Lamb
Joy Wilson
10 February 2015
Amenity Sector update:
Professor John Moverley
Amenity Sector update:
Rob Simpson
Agricultural Sector update:
The Voluntary Initiative (pdf, 15 pages)
Richard Butler
Application equipment standards:
Tom Bals
Application equipment testing:
Duncan Russell
Environment Agency update - water issues (pdf, 13 pages)
Jon Gulson

Archived Papers and Presentations 

Items presented at Pesticides Forum meetings before 2015 can be found on the National Archives Government web archive via the links below.  A full set of minutes from the Forum meetings is also available. 

The Archived Index of Presentations page contains a complete list of, and links to all published presentations from 2008 - 2014.

The Archived list of papers considered by the Pesticides Forum is arranged by year and contains links to all papers considered by the Pesticides Forum from 1996-2014. 

The Archived Pesticides Forum Minutes Index contains links to all Pesticides Forum meeting minutes from 1996-2014.

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