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Index of previous papers by year (2005 to 2015)

Previous papers considered by the Pesticides Forum

Index of papers by year (2013 - 2015)


  • PF 189 AEA position paper on ‘Reduced Volume’ applications (pdf, 4 pages)
  • PF 190 AEA’s proposed revision to the reduced volume section of the Code of Practice (pdf, 2 pages)
  • PF 191 Defra Water Quality’s update on pesticides and water quality (pdf, 1 page)


  • PF 187 Future hosting of the Pesticides Forum website (pdf, 2 pages)
  • PF 188 Report from the Joint Pesticides Forum/Voluntary Initiative Working Group on Grassland/Forage pesticide issues (pdf, 16 pages)


  • PF 183 Proposal for joint Pesticides Forum/ Voluntary Initiative Working Group on Grassland/Forage issues (pdf, 1 page)
  • PF 184 Disposal of used Home and Garden pesticide containers (pdf, 3 pages)
  • PF 185 Pesticides Forum field visits (pdf, 2 pages)
  • PF 186 Amateur Liaison Group / amateur sector developments (pdf, 2 pages)


Index of older papers by year (2005-2014)

Further information:

Details of the proceedings of previous meetings (1996-2014) are held in the Government Web Archive and may be accessed via the Pesticides Forum Archive.