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Glossary of Abbreviations

    ACOS      Advisory Committee on Organic Standards 
    ACP    (former) Advisory Committee on Pesticides
    AEA    Agricultural Engineer's Association
    AIC    Agricultural Industries Confederation (formerly UKASTA)
    AP    Assured Produce
    ASS    Arable Stewardship Scheme
    AWSF    Agricultural Waste Stakeholder Forum
    BETA    Biodiversity and Environmental Training for Advisors
    BRC    British Retail Consortium
    BREW    Business Resource Efficiency and Waste
    CLA    Country Land and Business Association
    COT    Committee on Toxicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products and the Environment
    CPA    Crop Protection Association
    CPMP    Crop Protection Management Plan
    CRD    Chemicals Regulation Directorate
    DARDNI    Departament of Agriculture and Rural Development, Northern Ireland
    Defra    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
    DETR    (former) Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions 
    DoH    Department of Health
    DTI    Department of Trade and Industry
    Efra    Environment Food and Rural Affairs
    EA    Environment Agency
    ELS    Entry-Level Scheme
    EMA    Environmental Management for Agriculture
    FPC    Fresh Produce Consortium
    FSA    Food Standards Agency 
    FWAG    Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group
    GCT    (former) Game Conservancy Trust
    Green Code    Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Pesticides on Farm Holdings  
    HDC    (former) Horticultural Development Council / Company (now AHDB Horticulture)
    HSE    Health and Safety Executive
    IFM    Integrated Farm Management
    LEAF    Linking Environment and Farming
    LERAPS    Local Environmental Assessment for Pesticides
    LINK    General name given to research projects jointly funded by Defra and Industry 
    LTAEU    Long Term Arrangements for Extension of Use
    MRL    Maximum Residue Level
    NAAC    National Association of Agricultural Contractors
    NFU    National Farmers' Union
    NFUS     National Farmers' Union Scotland (formerly NUFUS)
    NRoSO    National Register of Sprayer Operators
    NSTS    National Sprayer Testing Scheme
    PAN (UK)    Pesticides Action Network (UK) 
    POWER    Protection of Water, the Environment and Recommendations
    PSD    Pesticides Safety Directorate
    RBC    River Basin Characterisation
    RBMP    River Basin Management Plan
    RCEP    Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution
    SAC    (formerly) the Scottish Agriculture Colleges
    SAFFIE    Sustainable Arable Farming for an Improved Environment
    SEERAD    Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department
    SNH    Scottish Natural Heritage
    SUD    Sustainable Use Directive
    TIBRE    Targeted Inputs for a Better Rural Environment
    TGWU    Transport and General Workers Union
    UK    United Kingdom
    VI    Voluntary Initiative for pesticides
    WG    Welsh Government (formerly Welsh Assembly Government (WAG))
    WCL    Wildlife and Countryside Link
    WIIS    Wildlife Incident Investigation Scheme
    WFU    Women's Food and Farming Union