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HSE Radiation Community


This community has been established to share information on the regulation of work with ionising and non-ionising radiation. The community is aimed at employers and other duty-holders, radiation protection advisers and other experts providing advice on the regulation of work with radiation .

This is HSE's Radiation Protection Community intended for those who work with ionising and non-ionising radiations and for those those who advise in these sectors. If you wish to join the community please e.mail the community manager at 

Community Information

NameHSE Radiation Community
HSE's radiation protection community whose purpose is to allow the dissemination of information to those working with ionising and non-ionising radiations or to those who provide advice in these sectors.
PrivacyThe community is visible to anyone. In order to join the community, people must either be invited or have their request to join approved by a community manager

What's New

  • National Radon Action Plan (NRAP) - draft for consultation
    This consultation invites views on the draft NRAP which addresses the health risks from public exposure to radon. The NRAP describes the national radon strategy and arrangements for managing exposure to radon in homes and workplaces, including the arrangements and approaches used to communicate information and guidance on radon from government and private industry to relevant groups such as members of the public and local authorities.
    Created by James (7 weeks ago)

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