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Risk Education Network


The purpose of this network is to support the delivery of the teaching and learning of risk concepts.

The network's primary focus is on the teaching of health and safety risk by higher education institutions in engineering related subjects. Much of the content is, however, expected to be transferable to other types of risk, such as project / financial, and other technical subjects as well as management and business studies. Some of the resources may also be useful for those teaching in further and compulsory education.

Some parts of the network are open to non-members including a diary of events, useful links and various documents that make the case for risk education. 

You are welcome to join this network if you are delivering teaching and learning in higher, further or compulsory education, are willing to share ideas and resources, looking to enhance your teaching of risk concepts or are planning to teach risk concepts.

You are also welcome to join this network if you are not in the educational sector, have relevant industrial experience and are willing to donate resources, ideas or time to help deliver teaching and learning in risk concepts.

Although this network is not aimed at students the list of courses may be of interest.


  • January 2018

Community Information

NameRisk Education Network
To support the delivery of the teaching and learning of risk concepts with a primary (but not exclusive) focus on the teaching of health and safety risk by higher education institutions in engineering related subjects.
PrivacyThe community is visible to anyone. In order to join the community, people must either be invited or have their request to join approved by a community manager

What's New

  • Hazards 28
    IChemE's (Institution of Chemical Engineers) annual process safety conference takes place in Edinburgh, UK, on 15-17 May 2018. Hazards 28 will bring the international process safety community together to share best practice, latest developments and lessons learned in process safety, promoting a continuous focus on safer operations. Covering every major aspect of process safety, the programme will feature technical presentations from leading international experts, as well as keynote presentations from senior industry leaders. There will be an exhibition alongside the conference, showcasing products and services to help improve process safety performance. This is an ideal opportunity to review how to manage and reduce risk effectively, and to network with process safety practitioners from around the globe.
    Last modified by IChemE (4 weeks ago)
  • Human factors training from IChemE
    IChemE's human factors training programme, Human Factors in Health and Safety, provides modular training to increase understanding of the core human factors issues specific to the process industries. Developed in partnership with the Keil Centre, a private consultancy of chartered psychologists and chartered ergonomics and human factors specialists, the programme focuses on how a better understanding of how to manage human factors can drive safety standards and overall business performance. The programme consists of four two-day modules which form a broad human factors educational programme over one year. Participants can complete the whole programme or attend single modules to develop understanding of a particular area of human factors. Topics are organised to cover the Health and Safety Executive's top human factors issues in major hazard sites, but these topics are just as applicable and relevant to non-UK regulatory frameworks.
    Created by IChemE (2 months ago)
  • Process safety training from IChemE
    IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers) offers a comprehensive range of quality-assured training courses to help you, your staff and your organisation improve safety and reduce risk. Topics include HAZOP, LOPA, human factors, risk assessment, explosion science, PSPIs & PSM audits, safety culture, flare system hazards, inherent safety, hazard identification, nuclear safety, consequence modelling, and asset integrity. We also offer a course introducing the fundamentals of process safety and its management, designed for those looking for a broad understanding of process safety. There are dates scheduled throughout the year, and in-company courses are available on request.
    Last modified by IChemE (2 months ago)

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