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2016 September

12 September, Monday

  • health and safety control equiptment (a struggling student in need of some help)
    I'm doing a course and one of my questions which I keep answering but being told by my tutor I am not answering it correctly. State why and when health and safety control equipment, identified by the principles of protection, should be used relating to types, purpose and limitations of each type, the work situation, occupational use and the general work environment, in relation to: Collective protective measures Personal protective equipment (PPE) Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) Local exhaust ventilation (LEV)
    Location: Community Home
    Created by 5immo (4 years ago)
2016 March

4 March, Friday

  • 2016 Health Leadership Conference Final Programme 15 March & Booking Form
    HURRY TO REGISTER FOR 15 MARCH CONFERENCE! This year we're focusing on human factors and the link between occupational health, hygiene and human resources - the key to 'unlocking the door' to achieving sustainable healthy workplaces. The one-day conference is open to all. If you need further information / would like to find out more, contact Dr. Roger Pullin at or call 020 7963 6738
    Location: Community Home
    Created by Roger Pullin (4 years ago)
2016 February

5 February, Friday

2016 January

13 January, Wednesday

    Date: 15 March 2016 Location: Manchester. To view the programme and booking form click on the web address below or go to or contact Mavis Wright on 020 7963 6737. This conference is open to all and is likely to be of particular interest to specialists and non-specialists in human resources and SHE disciplines. Conference participants will hear from the most recent winner of CIA's Health Leadership Award; consider the site impacts of hot topics; explore occupational health management; wellbeing and occupational hygiene issues through presentations delivered by expert external speakers and CIA members. Once again this year we have included the popular afternoon workshop activity, this time with a focus on exploring the current topical issues related to Human Factors - Managing Organisational Factors such as shift work, fatigue, workload, ageing workforces and succession planning.
    Location: Community Home
    Created by Roger Pullin (4 years ago)
2015 February

2 February, Monday

  • 4 March 2015 - Health Leadership Conference - FINAL Booking form and Pro
    Why attend? [OPEN TO ALL] Organisations are often reactive in workplace health and are not forward looking enough. This conference aims to show how by being proactive, health can not only benefit the health of your best resource - its people, but also the organisation itself. There's an exciting line-up with speakers focusing on chemical industry partnerships to drive their occupational health programmes forwards. Sustainable healthy workplaces cannot be achieved unless health leadership becomes a core part of an organisation's ethos. Delegates will be specialists and non-specialists from human resources and SHE departments involved in workplace health management.
    Location: Community Home
    Created by Roger Pullin (5 years ago)
2014 December

2 December, Tuesday

2014 August

7 August, Thursday

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