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Folders let you organize the items in your community, storing similar items in a named folder, for example. You can create an arbitrary folder hierarchy in your community.

Creating a Folder

When you create a folder you specify a name and description, and you can also control the types of items that are allowed to be created within it and whether members or just managers can create those items. So, you could create a folder that can only contain documents, for example. You can move items between folders.

Changing how a Folder is Displayed

Once you have created a folder you can modify its appearance. The "Change this folder's appearance" action item lets you specify a layout format (eg. a list or large-icons), and also lets you specify the default sort order for items in the folder. These settings control how the folder appears to all users.

Other Information

One or more items (eg. files, pictures etc.) may also be associated with an individual folder, if related items are enabled for that folder. This is done by adding a new Related Item to the folder. These related items are then also visible to other community members, when they view that folder, in the "Related Items" section.

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