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A Blog lets you publish articles within your community that can be accessed and read by other users. A blog can be used to share news, views and opinions on a variety of topics, and articles can be arranged by topic or publish date.

Creating a Blog

When you create a blog you specify a name and description, and can specify various options to control the layout and the information shown on the page. This can include formatted text and images and navigational elements such as a calendar month-view that highlights days containing published articles. You can also specify a list of categories to which articles can be assigned when they are written. These categories can aid navigation through the blog - when viewing the blog a user can click on a category to show all related articles. You can also control who can add articles to your blog, so, for example, you could create a blog that all group members can add articles to or you could have a blog that only managers can update.

Adding Articles

When adding new articles, the author specifies a title and the contents. They can also provide their own summary which will be shown in the article list. Articles can be added to one or more available categories. Once an article has been written, others can comment on it and those comments are shown when viewing the article.

Other Information

All information in the blog and its articles can be searched using the community search.

When viewing an individual article a user can add comments (if they are enabled) which other community members will see and can be notified about.

One or more items (eg. files, pictures etc.) may also be associated with an individual article, if related items are enabled for that article. This is done by adding a new Related Item to the article. These related items are then also visible to other community members, when they view that article, in the "Related Items" section.

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