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Picture Albums

Pictures let you upload, arrange and share pictures and images in albums, and view them in different formats and layouts.

Like all other items, albums can be arranged into folders and can be viewed, edited, deleted or moved. They can also be given access-permissions to specify who can view and modify them.

Creating an Album

An album is created with a name and description. You can also specify who is allowed to add pictures to this album.

Adding Pictures

When you add a picture you first select an image file from your computer. You can select a number of files to be uploaded in one go. Click on the "Upload" button and after the files have been uploaded you can check the image preview and enter a name and description for each one. By default, the picture name is the file name without any file-type suffix.

You can upload zip files containing multiple pictures and the system will automatically unzip them and extract the individual pictures.

Viewing and Modifying Pictures

Pictures can be viewed as thumbnails or as full-size images when viewing one at a time. Pictures can also be moved between albums. You can manually arrange the pictures in an album and also sort them by name or age.

Once pictures have been added they can also be scaled down in size if they are too large to view on screen, and they may also be rotated if they are not the right way up to start with.

You can download all pictures in an album as a single zip file.

Other Information

One or more items (eg. files, pictures etc.) may also be associated with an individual picture / picture album, if related items are enabled for that picture / picture album. This is done by adding a new Related Item to the picture / picture album. These related items are then also visible to other community members, when they view that picture / picture album, in the "Related Items" section.

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