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Task Lists

Task Lists let you create, assign and manage tasks and monitor their progress.

You can create related tasks in task lists within your community. Task lists can be arranged in folders and can be viewed, edited, deleted and moved. You can see an overview of all tasks in a community by clicking on the "Community Tasks" menu item. You can see an overview of all tasks assigned to you (and created by you) by clicking on the "My Tasks" link in the user bar.

Creating a Task List

A task list is created with a name and description. Once created, you can add tasks to the task list.

Creating Tasks

You can use the quick-add forms in the task list view to add new tasks. Adding a single tasks just requires a task name and an optional due date. You can also assign the new task to someone. If you want to quickly add multiple tasks then you just need to enter a list of task names and they will be created for you.

Once you have created a task, you can edit it and change more settings such as the priority, status and whether it is a repeating task. You can also assign a task to multiple people and specify whether all assignees must do the task, or only one of the assignees. You can also attach files to the task.

Managing Tasks

The task list view gives you an overall view of the tasks inside, and lets you see any overdue tasks and tasks that are due soon. You can modify or delete any tasks from this view, and you can also quickly change a task's status.

Other Views

The Community Tasks link in the menu lets you see all of the tasks within the group, and you can group them by task list.

The My Tasks link in the user bar lets you see all tasks assigned to you (across all of the communities you are in) and also all tasks created by you. If you have been assigned any work on structured documents (either as an editor or an approver) then that will also show up in the "My Tasks" list.

Other Information

When viewing an individual task list a user can add comments (if they are enabled) which other community members will see and can be notified about.

One or more items (eg. files, pictures etc.) may also be associated with an individual task list, if related items are enabled for that task list. This is done by adding a new Related Item to the task list. These related items are then also visible to other community members, when they view that task list, in the "Related Items" section.

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