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Evaluated Columns

Evaluated columns have their values calculated in real-time based on pre-defined values or the values in other columns. One or more evaluations will have been setup on your site and will be available for use in your databases.

To add an evaluated column, view the databases and then click on the "Manage the database" action link and follow the "+ Add Evaluated Column" link on the next page.

You will be shown the list of available evaluations. Select an evaluation and click on the "Next" button. You specify the column name, and you are shown a description of the evaluation. Evaluations can be simple or complex. If the evaluation contains variables then you can assign values to those variables. For each variable you will be given the option of selecting an existing column, if there is a suitable column available, or a specified value.

Note: once you have created the evaluated column, if you need to change it for any reason, you must first delete it and the create a new one.

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