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SPlASH Actions

SPlASH actions tracking database

TitleAction Lead (Name)ReferenceLast UpdateOther Partners beyond PHASSMilestonesProgress to dateReport to PHASSActions
Reducing work-related stress and creating mentally healthy workplaces in NHSScotland Sarah Jones 001  22 May 2019    January 19 - Focus group report to steering group October 18 - Focus Groups. Complete August 18 - Survey result evaluation and reporting. Complete Q1 2018 - Roll out of pilot to identified teams. Complete 12/2017 - Steering group meeting. Complete 10/2... 80 22/05/2019 - Report to PHASS - project on track though taking longer than anticipated 10/05/2017 - Next report to PHASS 20/09/2016 - Reported progress in finding a volunteer NHS Board View
OH&S advice and support social care pilot Scottish Hazards (Kathy Jenkins) 10 Sep 2018  Relevant TU branches, (also as the project develops, we will be hoping to develop links with Renfrewshire Councillors, Renfrewshire Council for Voluntary Services local CAB/Primary Care/community development, Scottish Care, Health and Social Care Alliance... 29/08/17 - Arrangement are in hand to engage with all TUs with an interest in this sector to map care provision in Renfrewshire, developing health and safety training giving consideration to the Fair Work Framework and its influence on improving health and... 30 9/01/2020 - Scottish Hazards is now developing work with Unison looking at stress and mental health within a Fair Work agenda in a large third sector organisation. It is also hoped to undertake some work in partnership with Care Scotland, following the mee... View
Mapping the Scottish Health and Safety system - Complete Sarah Jones 07 Jun 2016  Other stakeholder groups an health and safety organisations in Scotland 31/04/2017 - Gather and present feedback on map and its contents. Complete 01/10/2016 - Publication and maintenance. Complete 30/09/2016 - Decisions on next steps e.g. Host websites, adding resources and geographical locations, use as basis for creating a... 100 10/05/2017 - Final feedback report to PHASS. 20/09/2016 - September - next PHASS meeting. View
Provision of occupational health training frame work in the agricultural sector Robert Atkinson 004  17 Dec 2019  SRUC, Scottish Farm Safety Partnership, National Farmers Union (NFU) Scotland, Scottish Young Farmers 01/08/2018 HWL have not been able to get traction with SRUC and suggest that this action is taken off the active list, and where opportunities arise to engage with the sector, the model will be suggested and support offered where appropriate Working group ... 10 17/12/19 - no movement in Q3. The Launch of HSE accident statistics at end of Q2 gave a little impetus to moving this item further forward and it was planned to host a working group meeting inQ4 to hold the sector to account and use this as a leaver to mov... View
Development of a national occupational health and safety advisor network for SMEs Robert Atkinson (HWL) 005  17 Dec 2019  Look for potential sponsors to make a contribution when visits take place, or to pay for visits. Safety groups UK. Business intermediary bodies e.g. SWITCH, FSA, SSS. 30/04/2017 - Ongoing evaluation and reporting. April 2017- onwards 31/03/2017 - Pilot phase of network delivered (training, first visits, evaluations) January - March 2017 Launch and continued development/role out of service offer. 31/01/2017 - Promoti... 20 17/12/19 - the first stage in the mentors support model was launched in November 19 with the HWL training portal going live. This has generated interest in both training offers (and offers of content) and mentoring with the voluntary sectors is being activ... View
Gathering and reviewing softer data and intelligence - Complete Sarah Jones, HSE 07 Jun 2017  NHS Health Scotland, RoSPA 11/01/2017 - PHASS paper for discussion and agreement on next steps. Complete 10/12/2016 - Draft PHASS paper to contributors for comment. Complete 31/07/2016 - Draft report for comment to data owners. Complete 31/05/2016 - Receipt of data reconciling da... 100 11/01/2017 - Report and analysis to PHASS. Agreement of any priorities indicated for action plan. Agreement on continuation or eventual repeat. View
Improving Worker Engagement in the Waste Management and Recycling Industry SWITCH   Scottish Waste Industry Competence and Health and Safety Forum (SWITCH)Scottish Union Learning (SUL)Unite, Unison and GMB. Highland Council 01/02/2017 - Engage employers and trade unions at a local level. Develop agreed aims and objectives of Worker Advisers. Met 01/02/2017 - Agree areas within Waste and Recycling in consultation with unions and employers participating. Met Engagement with w... 10 9/01/2020 - Scottish Hazards is developing a project to improve worker engagement in MVV Environment Baldovie (Dundee) involving highly experienced H&S representatives from Spirit Aerosystems. 10/01/2018 - Presentation on proposed project delivered to... View
Scottish Social Care Partners Forum (SSCPF) Martin McMahon 23 Aug 2019  The existing Social Care Partnership and its members, individual unions, social care providers, advocacy organisations, NHS 18/12/2017 - 2nd meeting held 24 November. Lengthy discussions on the remit of the group, the TOR, and potential further membership. Minutes will be uploaded when available. Next meeting to be scheduled Feb/Mar 2-18. In Progress 31/3/2017 - Next meeti... 10 23/08/19 Support gained from wide range of stakeholders to contribute to a re-launched Scottish Social Care Partners' Forum. Commitment gained from HSE, Care Inspectorate, Public and Private service providers, Scottish Hazards, HaSiVSS, NaSHiCS, HWL, repre... View
Worker Safety Advisors STUC (Ian Tasker)   Unite, Unison 31/12/2016 - To have identified mechanisms to employ/second/release time in order to enable them to undertake the role by December 2016 16/06/2016 - For development of a WSA programme to be in the detailed Scottish Health and Safety Action Plan to be produ... 10 10/01/2018 - PHASS decided action adequately covered by AP007 and AP010 so this action would be closed down. View
Improving workforce engagement in health and safety in the offshore oil & gas industry Sarah Jones, HSE 10  23 Aug 2019  HSE Energy Division, Step Change in Safety, Oil & Gas UK, Offshore Co-ordinating Group, specific trade unions including UNITE and RMT, BALPA, GMB, NAUTILUS Aug 2019 - New CE for Step Change in Safety. WEST group up and running again after hiatus. HSE recruited permanent Worker Engagement Inspector. Inspection Guide has now been applied to onshore major hazards sector. Propose to invite Bob Egan to give an u... 80 23/01/2019 - Update to PHASS business meeting 10/01/2017 - Update to PHASS business meeting 13/09/2017 - Possible presentation to RoSPA Congress on PHASS/SPlASH View

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