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The documents appearing on this page are provided by members of the forum to help others. They do not always reflect the guidance and policies of the HSE. HSE promotes the use of an organisational (primary) intervention such as its Management Standards approach to tackling stress. Where tertiary interventions such as resilience and mindfulness training are being used by employers, it is necessary that these are used in conjunction with a primary organisational intervention. Taking such tertiary actions is unlikely to be sufficient for an employer to be compliant with their legal duties under Health and Safety legislation.

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3 years ago
Report on stress management competencies workshops
A report on workshops held on 15th and 22nd June 2006 to explore the competencies required by managers to manage stress in their staff effectively.
12 years ago
Translated HSE Indicator Tool
19 translations of the HSE indicator tool- Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Farsi, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian, Kurdish, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Pashto.
10 years ago
Summary of issues raised at HSE Stress Management Standards Data seminars
The attached document summarises some of the main issues and key learning points discussed at the series of seminars held in HSE offices in Spring 2008 to discuss issues that organisations face around data gathering and analysis as part of the Management Standards process.
10 years ago
The prevention of stress at work (2)
A discussion about the complexity of focusing on the behaviours of managers as the approach to preventing stress at work. Outline of the cultural characteristics of organisations that promote prevention. A description of the behaviours of managers that promote prevention. A description of the steps to be taken to prevent stress at work.
4 years ago
The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda
The link between wellbeing and performance has been long established and makes common sense - people who feel well at work perform better than people who feel ill. Yet, it is taking a very long time for senior managers to understand the link and build positive work cultures that reduce the risks of staff feeling unwell due to stress. This paper outlines The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda. It discussed the issues of wellbeing and performance and what is involved. It sets out an agenda for all types of organisation to follow.
4 years ago
A Positive Work Culture - essential for wellbeing and performance at work
This paper describes wellbeing and performance and explores why some managers, wittingly or unwittingly, contribute to psychological distress at work. The paper describes organisations as controlled communities with cultural foundations displayed by the behaviour of controllers. The paper sets out the rules for a Positive Work Culture and the processes of implementation
8 years ago
Strengthening Personal Resilience
Resilience is about the individual. It is about individual capacity to maintain mental control in the face of potential or actual threats, and to form an attitude towards the challenge that determines the action the individual takes. Personal resilience is about being able to deal with challenges without them causing distress to the individual. Understanding resilience and how it might be strengthened is often behind efforts to strengthen the resilience of the workforce in difficult and challenging times. However, personal resilience will only help so far. If the context and culture of the organisation is not supportive and helpful to individuals, there is a limit to which personal resilience will have a positive effect in preventing stress. Strengthening personal resilience should be seen in the wider context of the WellBeing and Performance Agenda, which helps organisations make the workplace a fabulous place to work.
4 years ago
HSE Template for adding a new item to the Documents section
If you want to submit a new document to be added to the documents section of this Discussion Group you should submit it with a completed version of this template to PreventingStress@hse,gsi,gov,uk
8 years ago