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Sefton Schools Stress Project

This forum has been developed to allow those involved in the project to share ideas, provide advice, anecdotal evidence and support to others and as a conduit to allow those directly involved in the project to communicate updates.

The forum is public so anyone from any of the schools involved either directly or indirectly can join and take part in discussions or give feedback. Because it is public, there is a moderation procedure controlled by HSE and you should be mindful of the wide access and refrain from putting on information that could be embarrasing either to yourself, your school or another individual.

The forum will also be used to help us gather evidence on the current position relating to work related stress in Sefton schools as well providing information to all the schools in one simple email.


Micro Site Information

NameSefton Schools Stress Project
Forum for information shariing for schools involved in the Sefton Schools project and others with an interest in the project.
PrivacyThe micro site is visible to anyone. Anyone may join this micro site

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