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Different item types can be created in folders. Use the links below to further explore the facilities provided:

A container in which you can store and arrange information in the community. Folders are used to provide the structure for your community.
A file such as a word-processor document or a spreadsheet.
A questionnaire for polling the community members. You can decide how many questions there will be. As people answer the questionnaire, the results are automatically tabulated and displayed.
A user-defined database for structured information. You can choose the fields and data types, and add, sort and search the entries.
A calendar, with month, week and list views, and recurring events. You can also ask members how interested they are in events.
A forum is a collection of related discussions.
Task list
A collection of related tasks.
Picture album
An album containing photographs or images.
Structured document
A structured document allows members to collaboratively prepare, create and review large documents together.
A blog is a series of dated articles on a topic.
Web page
A page of formatted text, images and links to community items and external web sites. You can enter any information you like and format it with fonts and images.
Web link
A shortcut to a web site or an individual item in the community. Anything that has a web address can be linked to.

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