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Structured Document workflow

Structured Document workflow lets you manage the creation of a structured document between multiple users, assign creation and approval roles to individual users, and track progress towards a completed document.

Each individual part in a structured document has its own workflow.

From the Manage Structured Document page, you see an overview of current workflow, including lists of assignees and the current stages, by selecting the topic of the structured document and clicking on the Workflow tab. Stages that are overdue have dates shown in red. Workflow can be edited and copied from this tab. Each individual part also has a workflow tab showing its current state and assignees. Workflow can also be edited and copied from this tab.

Workflow rules can be created by any user with permissions to edit the document structure. Editors and Approvers cannot change the workflow dates or assignees unless they also have permissions to edit the structure. Those with permissions to edit workflow rules can also change the stage of the workflow at any time, eg. to mark as completed an item that is missing an approval, or to send a part back to the editing stage.

Once workflow is created on one part of a structured document it can be copied to any other parts, allowing you to put the same workflow on multiple parts throughout the document

Editors and Approvers can be picked from the list of community members. If you would like to make a non-member an editor or approver you will need to subscribe them, or invite them and have them join the community first.

Throughout the workflow process there are opportunities to notify the editors and / or approvers of the changes that have been made, and of the transition between the stages.

If there are no editors assigned to a part, anyone with rights to modify the document may change that part. If there are no approvers assigned, then the approval stage is skipped - after editing parts go straight to completed.

Workflow does not apply to sections - the only thing sections have is a name. Workflow applies to all other parts in a structured document.

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