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This document sets out the terms of use for users of HSE's Web Communities.located at

Terms of use

Please read these user terms and conditions carefully. They set out the terms under which we provide HSE Web Communities services to you. By accessing the HSE Web Communities services you agree to be bound by these user terms and conditions.


HSE Web Communities takes the security of users information extremely seriously. We have an active anti-Spam policy to prevent you from receiving unsolicited commercial email. Click here to see our Privacy policy.


The details provided by you on registration are important and should be correct and complete.

If we believe that you have provided false information we reserve the right to terminate your participation in HSE Communities without notice.

Your Personal Information

We will respect your personal information and will only use that information in accordance with the terms set out in our Privacy policy and in a manner that is consistent with the preferences set out by you on Registration as amended by you from time to time under "Your Details" In addition we undertake to comply with UK Data Protection legislation.

We do not allow advertisers or users to send unsolicited commercial emails (SPAM). If you receive any such email please inform us

Our Obligations to You

We agree to use our reasonable endeavors to maintain the HSE Web Communities services in fully operational condition. However we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case and we do not accept responsibility for any defects that may exist, or for any costs, loss of profits, loss of data, or consequential losses arising from your use of, or inability to access this service even where any such loss arises through our negligence. We also exclude any liability (including liability for negligence) for the accuracy, suitability, quality or completeness of any information or material of whatever nature appearing on or available through the HSE Web Communities service and the value and integrity of information, advice, goods or services offered by third parties over or through the HSE Web Communities service.

HSE Web Communities is provided without any warranties or guarantees unless specifically stated.

Any pages in, or any information derived from the HSE Web Communities service and/or any HSE Web Communities Group (including emails and downloaded files) may contain links to other websites or resources. We are unable to accept responsibility for these nor can we be deemed to have endorsed their content.

We reserve the right at any time and without any notice or explanation to suspend, restrict, reduce or terminate your access to HSE Web Communities for any reason and to delete any data and files in any HSE Communities Group. We may modify or discontinue the HSE Web Communities service temporarily or permanently, with or without notice to you. You agree that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification to or discontinuance of the HSE Communities service or for any deletion or corruption of any data contained in the HSE Web Communities services, even where such modification, discontinuance, deletion or corruption is due to our negligence.

In order to maintain the integrity of HSE Web Communities, we reserve the right to forward details to the Police, or other Regulatory Authorities where requested to do so. We may also forward contact details where a complaint arises concerning your use of this service and where the use is deemed by us to be inconsistent with these terms and user conditions or illegal.

Although it is our intention that any information you submit to a private (but not a public) HSE Communities Group will remain confidential to that Group, we cannot guarantee that this confidentiality will be maintained. In particular, whilst HSE web Communities users are prohibited from distributing any information they obtain from a private HSE Web Communities Group outside that private Group, we cannot guarantee that all users will comply with this rule, nor do we promise to police or enforce strictly this rule. We will not be liable for any loss (including loss arising through our negligence) that you suffer for any information you post to a private Group being used or distributed without your consent.

We do not engage in the screening of information submitted by users prior to it appearing on the HSE Web Communities service nor do we exercise any editorial control over HSE Web Communities Groups. However, we reserve the right, but shall be under no obligation, to remove any such information at any time at our sole discretion and in particular, (but not limited to), any material which is offensive or unlawful and we reserve the right to terminate your use of the HSE Communities service in the event that you place such material on any HSE Web Communities Group.

You acknowledge that we have no control over content in HSE Web Communities Groups. We cannot and shall not be held liable or otherwise responsible for the content of any HSE Web Communities Group. By using the HSE Web Communities service, you accept that we shall not be liable or otherwise responsible and agree to waive any claims against us for any distress, injury, loss, liability, damage and expense arising from or in connection with your use of the service, or its contents. This exclusion also applies to any loss, damage, liability, distress and expense arising from our negligence. You agree to indemnify HSE and any HSE employee and officer from and against any liability for losses, damages, expenses and claims arising from your use of these Groups or any content of the Groups to which you post. You specifically agree that we are not responsible for or liable to you or anyone else for any threatening, defamatory, libellous, obscene, offensive or illegal conduct of any other party or you or any infringement of another's rights, including intellectual property rights.

We do not exclude any liability for death or personal injury caused through our negligence.

Your Obligation to Us

You agree that you will only use HSE Web Communities in a manner that is consistent with these user terms and conditions and in such a way as to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In particular:

To the extent to which your use, or the use by any person who may be authorised by you or for whom you are responsible (for example, as the parent or guardian of a child or otherwise under these user terms and conditions) causes loss, damage or expense to any person (including us), you agree to indemnify HSE and any HSE employee and officer from and against any liability for such losses, damages and expenses.

Where applicable, you are responsible for maintaining the full and total confidentiality of your username and password chosen by you on registration. As a result, you are fully responsible for all activities which occur under them. You must notify us immediately of any unauthorised use to which you become aware.

You are responsible for obtaining the equipment and paying all telephone charges necessary to access and use HSE Web Communities. You are also responsible for making your own back-up arrangements of any important data that you place on HSE Web Communities service as although we maintain back up facilities for data on the HSE Web Communities service, we cannot guarantee that these facilities are fail safe.

Your use of HSE Web Communities carries with it no rights in relation to copyright, trade and service marks or other intellectual property rights in HSE Web Communities. You agree not to display or use in any manner the HSE Web Communities trade and/or service marks or otherwise infringe the Rights. You agree that we can display images and text throughout the HSE Web Communities service, including on any emails or within any other data processed by the HSE Communities system. Any content contained in or presented through the HSE Web Communities service by us is protected by our or their proprietary rights. You will not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, sell or distribute in any way such content including all code and software, unless you are explicitly authorised by us or them (as the case may be) to do so.

An HSE Web Communities Group may be either public or private. If you wish to subscribe or are invited to join a private Group, your admission to and participation in that Group will be at the discretion of that Group's manager. You agree that you will not distribute outside a private Group any material or information you have derived from a private Group without the consent of the author of that information.

HSE Web Communities allows you to participate in on-line communities where users can exchange information freely. You consent to participating in such an environment where it cannot be guaranteed that information you submit will not be reproduced elsewhere, including outside the HSE Web Communities service.

You agree that we are in no way liable for unauthorised reproduction or distribution of information that you submit to the service. Information you submit will be displayed on the service and can be printed out and distributed by users.

You agree not to use HSE Web Communities or the services made available to you on HSE Web Communities such that you cause the whole or part of HSE Web Communities to be interrupted, damaged, rendered less efficient or in any way impaired.

We do not exclude any liability for death or personal injury due to our negligence.


We respect the intellectual property of others, and we ask our users to do the same. If you believe that a copy of your work is available on the HSE Web Communities service without your consent or that a copyright infringement has otherwise occurred, please supply us with the following information:

Please deliver this information to Health and Safety Executive, Internet Communications, Trinity Road, Bootle Merseyside, L20 3TW


These user conditions may be amended from time to time. If we do amend them, the new terms and conditions will be available on the HSE Web Communities website. Any notice sent to us should be sent by email to unless otherwise provided in these user terms and conditions.

Our agreement with you, set out in these user terms and conditions is governed by English law and you and we submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.