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Conditions of use

      The Wales Manufacturing Health and Safety Forum aims to promote discussion about workplace health and safety issues in the manufacturing industry. The idea is that forum members can share information and good practice on what they are doing to improve health and safety in their workplace. You can also engage with others to enlist their help to find a solution to a problem.  It should not be used as a direct 'question and answer' channel with HSE.

      Much of the information and advice on this site will be provided from those currently working in the industry. (Whilst we expect most of this information to be of direct value, HSE is not responsible for any specific advice given through this site.)

      HSE Web Communities, including the Wales Manufacturing Forum, are a place for constructive, helpful and polite conversations. People can and will disagree, but it's important that members show respect for each other and be tolerant.

      HSE reserves the right to remove offending material and ban members at any time and without prior notice for libel, defamation, actual threats, copyright abuse, or the posting of someone's personal information without their permission. We will also remove messages simply advertising products, services and web sites or discussions which are clearly ‘off-topic'.

      If you see anything in the Forum, which you believe contravenes HSE Web Communities terms of use, please email

      We will not edit or censor a discussion because we don't happen to agree with it.



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